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Kandis Reese

Founder, Oh! Productions

As founder of Oh! Productions, formerly Wildfire Productions, Kandis has amassed 19 years of experience in live event and video production. She’s repeatedly worked with Kirk Franklin, Tony Evans, Priscilla Shirer, and the list goes on. Kandis and her team’s creativity is undeniable, you can see the passion for what she does in the outcome of her works. Visit her all-new website to see some of their amazing work!

Service: Custom designed and developed company website

A website is really like a virtual home. Larissa and the Ravel Brands team are master builders! I’ve worked with Larissa on various projects and recommended her to others for years, but this was my first time working with her for my own thing. She exceeded my expectations! Our new virtual home is stunning, fresh, and dynamic. The results are worth every penny, but the experience of building with excellent, creative professionals is priceless. Trust they will build it right!

— Kandis Reese
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Our history

Kandis and I have known each other for a long time! She’s referred several clients to me over the years, and we were always waiting on the right project to finally work together. I was super excited to work on her website for her live event and video production company, Oh! Productions. I know this is not the last time we will work together, it was tooo fun! 🙂


Oh! Productions

Oh! is a rebrand project, (logo and visual brand design by Made by James) and I was ready for it! James provided a cool, retro-like hand drawn logo icon and color palette for Kandis, so I knew this website had to be different! With LARGE shapes and fonts… WE. WENT. BOLD. The site includes custom backend development for easy entry of case studies and projects.