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Alina Lee

Founding Partner, Your Ad Attorney

Experienced in Practical and Efficient Marketing, Technology, IP, Data Privacy, and Data Security law, Alina set out to found her own law firm in 2020, Your Ad Attorney. Smart, kind, and community-focused, Alina has paved the way for a more personal and custom way of representing her clients. 

Service: Custom website development

“I highly recommend Larissa and have referred her to several friends and clients. Larissa takes a practical design-forward approach to website development compared to other website developers. Her knowledge of color schemes, design flow, and custom icon creation helped to take my website to the next level. Larissa is also kind, friendly, responsive, and professional. I highly recommend Larissa for your website design and development needs!”

— Alina Lee, Esq.
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Where we began

Alina contacted me early 2021 as a referral from a past client of mine. She had an excitement and energy that was contagious and I was eager to work with her! She came to me with an already designed logo and brand guidelines, so we hopped right into the website design. 

The design phase

I wanted to stay clean and classy, but the use of fully color-saturated sections makes the site pop a bit more than her competitors. 

Another cool part of her site is the Thought Leadership page. She’s done a great job of offering excellent resources and content in her blog, called ADvisor.

We also got to have a little fun with icon design representing her services.