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Dr. Uché Blackstock

Author, Speaker, Physician

Dr. Uché Blackstock is a physician, thought leader, and sought-after speaker on bias and racism in medicine and health care. Dr. Blackstock founded Advancing Health Equity in 2019 with the goal of partnering with healthcare organizations to dismantle racism in healthcare and to close the gap in racial health inequities. In April 2021, she became an exclusive medical contributor for MSNBC and NBC News, and in 2023 she penned her first book “Legacy”.

Custom Brand Package: logo, website, presentations

I can’t even express how grateful I am that I was connected with Larissa in 2020. She is brilliant! She is talented! She is outstanding at what she does! Larissa first helped me with my company’s rebrand. She created a beautiful custom logo for my company and designed and developed a new website. She literally transformed my company’s old website from drab and boring to a dynamic and engaging one. I received tons of compliments and new client inquiries as a result. We also work together on creating custom presentations since I frequently deliver keynote talks across the country. Larissa is incredibly easy to work with and actively listens to her clients’ needs. Every time we work together, I’m even more amazed by her creativity and designs. I look forward to continuing to work together as I shift into becoming an author, delivering more presentations, and as my company continues to grow.

— Uché Blackstock, MD
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Where we started

Uché sent me an email in 2020, she was referred by another client of mine. Her business had already been up and running since 2019, but she was ready for a rebrand that conveyed the personality of the business she’s now gotten to know.

We were trying out a few color palettes after her consultation, but then one day as she was walking down the street, she saw this mural. She sent me this inspo photo, and the colors were perfect! Subtle and serious, yet bold!

Creation of the custom logo for

Advancing Health Equity

I began sketching different icons and ideas. I am always a big fan of using the company’s initials in a sneaky way! Below you will see I created an A H E mashup!



Uché loved the icon, and we agreed that ‘Poppins’ was the right font family for the new brand. Clean, legible, serious.

Next up, custom website design and development.

To carry on the circular theme of the logo, I knew I wanted to design the homepage more like a brochure than a formal website. I wanted to tell the story of the important work this organization is doing in quick, text-light facts.

Statistics are shown in attention-grabbing circles as you scroll the page. Key topics are easy to navigate directly from the homepage.

… today …

Uché and I continue to work together on custom-designed presentations for her speaking engagements.

Summer 2023 I designed and developed her personal author website promoting her new book.