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Ashley Duncan

Online Personal Trainer

Ashley is a NASM certified personal trainer, certified performance nutrition coach and a body builder competitor. She is living out her passion and helping others succeed in becoming the best version of themselves at the same time. She offers an afforable workout plan and macro-nutrient coaching on her website.

Service: Custom designed and developed website

Working with Larissa and Ravel Brands is one of the best choices I made for my business. She listened to everything I wanted and brought it to life through my beautiful website. She made the whole process seamless during a stressful time of getting my business off the ground. She is great with communicating and is very responsive. Her talent and passion for design is unmatched. I highly recommend working with Ravel Brands.

— Ashley Duncan
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Where we started

Ashley and I have known each other for many years, our husbands were friends first, and that’s how we met. Everybody around us knows that I do branding and websites, so when she was ready to kick off this new company she reached out to me! I thought her idea and approach to offering affordable virtual personal training was great. She came to me with the logo already created, so I got to work on her new website!

The AD Training website

This website has been a favorite of mine from the day it launched. Right on the homepage we display her 2 service offerings and testimonials in 2 ways (photos and written). This website is easy to navigate and allows Ashley to sell her products and downloads with ease.